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Your pain shouldn't dictate your life. Our medical massage treatment plans will let you take back your life so you can do all the things that you haven't been able to do!


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Do you need relief from a painful injury? Do you need help with injury prevention? Are you recovering from an accident? Need a sports or deep tissue massage? Want a healthier life?

What Clients Say

Detria B. – Brenda knows how to fix you up! Tina V. – ..helped before and after neck surgery Joe H. – Excellent massage therapy and soaps!  Tracey L.– Brenda and her staff have worked wonders on my poor posture. I can’t thank her enough!

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HHBT Medical Massage Mission And Vision Statements

“Healing Hands Body Therapy provides comprehensive care in the form of manual therapy to those who have pain. We are committed to creating an environment where passion and purpose come together to provide the best care for every patient. Healing Hands Body Therapy is dedicated to the pursuit of continued knowledge and engaging our patients on their journey to health and wellness.”

Our vision: Healing Hands Body Therapy incorporates a vision which creates a safe, positive and enriching environment where you can rely upon professional help in overcoming your pain and injuries without the traditional prescriptions or surgeries

At Healing Hands Body Therapy every massage session is customized to your needs and requests. We focus on therapeutic and medical massage techniques as well as clinical aromatherapy. To accomplish your goals a variety of techniques are used. These range from posture assessment, ROM testing, Swedish , deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, PNF stretching as well as aromatherapy to ease and assist your body’s natural healing. We will work on the areas that are causing the pain, instead of just “treating the symptoms.” Our goal at Healing Hands Body Therapy is to start your physical healing so that you may live a fuller life. One thing that will set this business apart from any spa is that if you pay for 60 minutes, you will receive 60 minutes of hands-on time! Arrive a few minutes early and expect to not get off the table till your full hour is up. Check out our Facebook page to stay up to date on Healing Hands’ latest news. We are looking forward to working with you!

You know how stiff you feel after riding in a car for hours?  I was able to enjoy my ride To Dallas TX from Fayetteville NC and the conference I attended, thanks to Brenda and her effective techniques. I highly recommend her for any massage therapy you might need. Karen L

I felt better after one visit with Brenda and Healing Hands than I did after four visits with the chiropractor. Brenda was able to get the muscles that had spasmed to relax and the relief was incredible. It’s nice to have found such a wonderful therapist. Eric R

Back ‘in the day’ I used to hire therapists for our fitness centers, so I’ve seen many not so good ones and several good ones. Brenda is one of the best ones I’ve experienced. Her technique including correct pressure and tracing the source of pain to reduce it is unique and effective. If you need pain reduction and suggestions on how to prevent it in the future, this is your place. Don M

I met Brenda through a business networking organization we are both members of here in Fayetteville NC. We have Learned a lot about each other in our businesses in the last few months. My problem was that I’ve been in the carpet business for the last 17 years and was experiencing repetitive motion injuries that I thought I’d just have to live with. Other friends of mine have had to go through surgery to help them and Brenda has actually corrected most of that for me without surgery. Thanks Brenda! Greg R

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This is one place that I can say will help heal what ails you. Brenda and her therapists assessed and treated my problem pain areas and generally took great care of me. I highly recommend Healing Hands Body Therapy. Aaron Chavis