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Brenda Howell

Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist LMBT #14566

Brenda Graduated from Miller Motte College with a Diploma in Massage
Therapy November 2014, received her massage therapy license January
30th, 2015 and opened Healing Hands Body Therapy on Feb 1st 2015.

Many creative, worthwhile projects arise from fulfilling a self interest. In
Brenda’s case, the pursuit of her education in massage therapy arose
from her strong desire to help her husband with the injuries sustained
throughout his military career.

Medical massage became her passion when she realized massage can
be so much more than just a relaxation session and was jump starting
healing for her husband’s ailments. She then expanded her practice to
serve an ailing military and civilian clientele. Brenda boosted her training
by earning certifications in both Medical Massage and Advanced
Myofascial Therapy. She is the 9th person in NC to be certified in Nerual
Reset Therapy and is currently studying cranial somatic therapy.

Brenda’s intentions are to help as many of you who are in pain, or know
of someone in pain, to find relief and develop a healthier path for your
physical well being. She’ll be the first to tell you how satisfying that is,
“Starting and building this business has been a wonderful roller-
coaster ride and nothing beats the look on a client’s face who gets up
from my table feeling worlds better.”


Brandy Layman, Massage Therapist
LMBT# 14933

Brandy graduated from Miller Motte College with a diploma in massage
therapy on April 8, 2015. She then took and passed my MBLEX in May
of 2015, and received her licenses July 17, 2015. The bulk of her
experience is with Relaxation, Deep tissue, and Hot stone massage.
She loves being a massage therapist and helping people like you.  In
her desire to grow in education and experience, she is now pursuing
medical massage, lymphatic massage as well as Neural Reset Therapy.
Call Brandy at 910-818-2513 or book online through the website.

Medical Massage Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist LMBT #5590

I graduated from Sandhills Community College in 2003 and have
been licensed since 2005.

I am very much into working with people to fulfill whatever their
massage needs may be ranging from sports massage to pain relief
in specific areas including soft tissue and joint pain. The technique I
use is very tuned in to how you perceive what the massage should
be which will determine exactly what my intention of energy will be
for you.

This will dictate the rhythm of the massage which will be different for
a sports massage, deep tissue massage and a pain relief massage.
There is a shift of energy based on your need. So our ultimate goal
between us during the massage session is to achieve a symmetry
and balance which will deter pain and facilitate the healing process.
I look forward to seeing you and helping you live healthier and happier.


Jessica MacDonald LMBT #13537

Jessica has been licensed since 2013. She has experience with
the groups that she helps the most including those needing
deep tissue work and help with sports injuries.
After graduating from Body Therapy Institute (BTI) in 2011,
Jessica worked in a Martial Arts Dojo and a 24hour fitness
facility. She earned her certification in Personal Training
and worked with weight loss groups, cardio kickboxing
classes and fitness boot camps for the wounded warriors.
Jessica employs that background and training to educate you
as a client, help correct posturing issues you may exhibit and
create flexibility in your muscles and joints. In addition she
will track and help with pain relief and/or provide relaxation,
through the modalities of deep tissue and sports style

Jessica is interested in and has a good understanding of the
kinesthetic functions of the human body. She is dedicated to
helping you find wellness through a more holistic approach.
She remains eager to continually learn ohter modalities so
that she may better assist you with more diversity in her
approach to your treatment.

Healing Hands Body Therapy is excited that Jessica is part of
the team.

Healing Hands Medical Massage Team

Made up of Brenda, Lydia, Jess and our Office Manager, Emily who is
a remarkable young woman. She is a student, actress and she organizes
and directs our office. When you first contact and speak with anyone at
our center, Emily will most likely be the one who helps you. She’ll make
the connection between what you need and who will be able to best help
you. As creative as she is in her acting, she is equally a linear thinker who
organizes the office, keeps track of all the details and allows all of our
therapists to continue to study and train and help you, our clients, live a
better, healthier and happier life.


Healing Hands Body Therapy opened its doors on February 1st 2015 and is both committed to excellence while being determined to provide the city of Fayetteville, NC with more than just another “massage” place. Focusing on medical and therapeutic techniques, the therapist at Healing Hands Body Therapy are trained to go beyond a basic relaxation massage. Pulling from a wide variety of modalities, we seek out the root cause of our customer’s pain.

You will not find any “upcharges” or “add on” services. Prices are not determined by the modality used. All of Healing Hands Body Therapy’s rates are based on the time of each session. Every session is customized to fit the goals of the client based on their own individual needs. With competitive rates and the ability to provide quality service, Healing Hands Body Therapy is ready to assist you and “Change the Way You Feel.”


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